John Bozinoski, Martial Arts Instructor

John Bozinoski

He started training in the martial art of TaeKwonDo at age 5 and after 27 years of training has won many tournaments and has achieved the rank of 4th degree black belt. He has been a competitive athlete for the greater part of his life and his love for the martial arts grows everyday. Instructor John has also been training in the art of Muay Thai for 15 years and has boxed for over 17 years and is a certified USA boxing coach. He has learned from some Muay Thai and boxing legends and now wants to pass on all the knowledge he has acquired from his vast experience throughout his life. He is currently on an active duty law enforcement special operations unit. He is law enforcement certified as an instructor in the following areas: Methods of Instruction, Physical Conditioning, Defensive tactics, Handcuffing, Certified Monadnock baton instructor, Oleoresin Capsicum (pepper spray) instructor, and is a graduate of the F.B.I. SWAT school. John is a well respected Special Operations instructor in the law enforcement community. Come join him for a class at Amped today!

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